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The Ties That Bind: The Story of Sullins College and Camp Sequoya

Once an all-girls institution in Bristol, Virginia, Sullins College was a beacon of education that forged a path for young women. However, in 1976, as the college was on the verge of bankruptcy, it found a new lease on life. My father, Jim McGlothlin, acquired the property for his business, United Coal Company. Today, it serves as the thriving headquarters of the company, a testament to adaptability and transformation. While some buildings have fallen to time, the spirit of Sullins College lives on, hosting reunions of alums, and keeping the flame of its legacy alive.

Sullins College: A Beacon of Learning

The Birth and Evolution of an Iconic Institution

Within 15 minutes drive from the college campus, nestled in the folds of Abingdon, Virginia, lies Camp Sequoya on beautiful South Holston Lake. This once bustling all-girls Camp came into our hands with the acquisition of the Sullins College campus. The camp, with its intact buildings and silent trails, whispers stories of youthful exuberance, outdoor learning and summers of fun for hundreds of campers. It also served as a weekend retreat for Sullins College students. After 79 years of operation, the early years near the College before moving to South Holston in 1956, the Camp had to close, but the memories live on. Today, parts of the property are being renovated, promising a new chapter in its storied history.

An All-girls Camp with a Heartbeat of History

Camp Sequoya: A Retreat of Memories

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Within the main building of Sullins College, history finds a home. A museum, constructed under my watchful eye about 20 years ago, protects the legacy of my dad's company, the College, and the Camp. Housing yearbooks, artifacts, and a multitude of photos, the museum stands as a testament to our respect for the past and our commitment to preserving it. With new additions continually enriching our collection, the museum remains a thriving space, as dynamic as the history it represents.

The Treasures of History Housed Within the College Walls

A Living Museum: Preserving the Past

The story of Sullins College and Camp Sequoya is one of intertwined destinies. The Camp, once a retreat for the college students, now stands as a symbol of our family's commitment to heritage and renewal. As we work on renovating a house on the Camp property, the legacy of the College and the Camp lives on in a new form. Their shared history continues to inspire, reflected in the continued interest and large social media following of those who remember their heydays. As we move forward, we strive to honor these stories, finding new ways to weave the past into the present and future.

How Sullins College and Camp Sequoya Came Together

The Intertwining Histories: A Legacy of Learning and Living

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Follow along as we delve deeper into our history, share stories of our progress, and explore our plans for the future of these cherished properties.

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