Welcome to Life on Virginia, where every home tells a story. Join us as we celebrate family, honor history, and transform houses into treasured homes with heart and hospitality.

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Explore unique ways to transform your home with cherished heirlooms, treasured history, and heartfelt family traditions.

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If you've ever struggled with blending your family's rich history and beloved keepsakes with today's home decor styles, you're not alone. Many people want their homes to reflect not just their personal tastes but also their lineage, their journeys, and the bonds that define them. But finding that balance between old and new, between heirloom and contemporary, can be a challenge.

Discover the Secret to Merging Family Traditions with Contemporary Aesthetics

Ever Wonder How to Honor Your Roots in Modern Decor?

Here at Life on Virginia, we believe that your home should tell your unique story - and we're here to help you do just that. With ideas grounded in our own experience of blending family heirlooms with current design elements, we bring you inspiring ways to use treasured items in your home decor. From reimagining the use of vintage items to celebrating family traditions, we'll show you how to create a warm, inviting home that truly reflects who you are.

Decorating with Heart: Cherishing Your Past while Celebrating the Present

Your Solution to Home Decor That Echoes Your Story

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Last year our Easter table was bright and fun, and made up mostly of thrifted items or things handed down to me from my Granny. For starters, my mom, Granny and I all have the same silver pattern. I remember for years, long before I got married and had a gift registry, they would impress […]

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From the scenic mountains of southwest Virginia, I've always been surrounded by family, tradition, and a rich historical tapestry. Inspired by my artist grandmother, I have nurtured a deep love for all things vintage and a knack for infusing home decor with personal heritage. Life on Virginia is my way of sharing that passion, the precious memories, and the journey of creating a home that reflects the love and history of my family. Whether it's the remodel of an all-girls camp into a cherished family retreat or the curating of Granny's dish towels into modern decor, I believe every home should tell a story.

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Turning Homes into Heirlooms of Memories

Discover the Story of Camp Sequoya

Tucked away in scenic Abingdon, Virginia, the all-girls Camp Sequoya and its encompassing property carry a heritage rich with youthful energy, learning, and transformation. Once teeming with life, it now sits waiting to recount its unique tale. From its heyday as a lively educational retreat to its current period of slumber, every inch of this camp holds stories waiting to be heard. Join us as we unravel the camp's rich tapestry of history and find inspiration in its ongoing legacy.

Unearth the Fascinating Saga of a cherished mountain retreat on a beautiful lake

Camp Sequoya: Breathing Life into the Echoes of the Past

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