New Year’s Eve Decor: Make Your Party Shine!

December 21, 2023

The end of the year is coming up fast, and that means it’s time to ring in the New Year with some fun and festive DIY decorations. It’s always a whirlwind to get something going so soon after Christmas – we also have two late December birthdays: my daughter on December 30 and son on New Year’s Eve. Always a built-in party! Whether you’re hosting a party or just setting up the decor in your home for the family, these ideas are sure to add some glitz and glamour.

I have a large family with kids and even if I’m not inviting people over, we will celebrate with family to make them feel special. What is the best way to do this? Lots of confetti, everything blingy, noise makers, and selfies props to take pictures. Let’s not forget that we love to eat. There are some tips on creating the best New Year’s table decor. Let’s break out the glitter, ribbons, and champagne — it’s time to celebrate!

Here’s what you will need to DIY the best New Year’s decor:

When it comes to New Year’s Eve party decor, there’s nothing more festive than gold. For the table decor, I spray painted small and large champagne bottles gold using Rustoleum spray paint and mixed the gold with silver, black and white as well.

To add to the gold decor, I spray-painted corks and scattered them around the table. Printed signs on cardstock and sprayed them with Elmer’s glue spray and dusted silver confetti for a touch of sparkle. Then put the signs in little bottles that are glued on short skewer sticks and stuck them down in there with hornblowers, but you can add anything you like that would make some noise.

I ordered small chalkboards and placed them on the table clipped to small bowls to identify each dish. Such a subtle but creative way to keep everything organized and eliminates any confusion for the guests.

Continuing with the gold theme, there were black and white plates painted at a paint-your-own pottery place. It was so easy and I made a set of 6! No measuring which makes for a handmade look. Gold silverware was given to me after a close family friend passed away, BUT you can get gold plastic silverware and plates from anywhere or order online.

Another fun touch of New Year’s Eve decor is to paint your salt and pepper shakers and place them on the dinner table! Painted my shakers cheetah print using glass paint (which you can find at any supply store near you). You can paint your glasses too as I did with the blue stars.

When it gets close to the time of celebrating the ball drop, you will need a glass to celebrate. A tray of rimmed glasses was dipped in lemon juice and then dipped in gold sugar. This adds an extra bit of sparkle and shine to your New Year’s Eve decor as you say cheers to the new year.

No matter what DIY party decorations you choose to create, it’s all about creating a special moment for your friends and family to capture. So have fun with it and bring in the New Year with style. Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous 2023!



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