Lake Bedroom

January 29, 2009

You may start to notice a pattern about our paint colors at the lake…blue, blue and more blue. Specifically turquoise. That’s the color of our master bedroom and it was painted with a linen technique.

The armoire and bed came from a Bassett Furniture Direct store that Al and I used to own. I replaced the hum-drum knobs on the armoire with some yellow, pink & green swirly knobs that I just couldn’t pass up at a store in Roanoke that has since gone out of business.

That’s another Greg Osterhaus painting hanging on the wall; this time it’s a cow. I love his cows as much or better than his landscapes. They always have a friendly look on their faces and cute ears that make you want to get a few for your own backyard. I don’t have to go that far…we already sort of have some in our backyard (on the other side of a fence) and they’ve gotten loose a few times and pranced around our yard. The same thing happened at the house I grew up in…maybe that’s why I started collecting these cow paintings!

Chaise lounges seem to be a favorite in my family. My mom and granny together have had no fewer than 5, one of which we sold at a yard sale for something like $20. We soon regretted our decision to make a quick buck when we learned the new owner had it covered in an adorable leopard print. We’re still wishing we could get that one back.

The chaise lounge here belonged to the former owners and was covered in a rather questionable white, pink and green floral pattern. I had it covered in two different fabrics-one for the seat cushion in a royal blue velvet, and another for the skirt and back in a green and blue checked taffeta. The cushion is trimmed in a blue and green fringe.

This summer I’ll have a chance to add to the lake pictures from each room. Until then I’ll have to rely on the few photos I have while I head out to milk the cows.



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