The Green Bathroom Makeover

March 18, 2020

Somehow this ended up being the only green thing in our house, unless you count the grass outside. We always referred to it as the “green bathroom” (still do) and it’s the first one you come to when we get home, right by the back door. So after school the kids are always yelling out “I call the green bathroom!” and “No I call it!”, as if running upstairs to their own would take so much longer.
Bathroom Makeover
I loved it for quite a while. And I still love the actual bathroom layout. But then I started not loving it so much except for the zebra mirror over the sink.
Last year I embarked on a complete overhaul. The walls were sort of like stucco so they had to be scraped down. I decided to go with a navy & white color scheme, since basically I’m slowly switching everything to those colors!
Bathroom Makeover
The pendant light remained (in addition to the original silver ceiling). It’s one of my best finds, from Round Top in Texas. It was covered in mud but cost only $30. I toted it home, cleaned it up and spray painted the chain and other hardware silver. Now it’s a bright beacon at this end of the house.
The cabinet became navy with gold drawer pulls, and my sweet friend Terry at Fabric Etc. in Bristol sourced this fabulous wallpaper for me!
Bathroom Makeover
I decided to cover the whole wall behind the sink with a mirror and changed out the sconces to dangly capiz shell lights from Shades of Light. The wall-to-wall mirror really opens things up and gives the entire space a blingy effect! From the hall you can spy the family caricatures on the opposite wall, which we had done a couple years ago on a visit to The Greenbrier.
Bathroom Makeover
I wasn’t sure of what to do with the zebra mirror. It definitely wasn’t right after the makeover but I wanted it back up. So I painted it the same blue as the cabinets and then painted my version of the wallpaper on the sides. At first it felt too busy. I admit I had to live with it for a while & get opinions from friends before I finally opted to keep it up. I’m so glad I did!
Bathroom Makeover
I especially love the look now from down the hall; even though I officially have nothing green in my house to celebrate this day with. But it makes everyone who walks by smile! Oh, and the itty bitty leprechaun-size cowhide rug is a little surprise!


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